Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre

The Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre is situated within what was once the famous Killybegs Carpet Factory. The Heritage Centre is home to the largest hand-knotted loom in the world. You will see live demonstrations of weaving of the hand-knotted carpets, a chance to meet and talk with one of the few hand-weavers remaining in this part of the country, and enjoy a step-by-step account of how each carpet is individually designed and produced. You are taught the unique craft of hand-knotting, and have the opportunity to try their skills at one of the hand-looms on display in the Factory.
The facilities include The Carpet Factory, Maritime, Bridge Simulator, Killybegs Heritage, Coffee & Craft Shop
Discount voucher is available for this activity at our hotel reception.
This a must while visiting us!



Castle Murray House,
St. Johns Point,
Co. Donegal,
F94 DW62


+353 74 973 7022



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