Cyndi Graham Handweaver St. John's Point, Dunkineely, Co. Donegal

Cyndi’s Studio @ St. John’s Point Dunkineely

Cyndi Graham Hand-weaving offers a range of textiles and accessories made in the workshop in Dunkineely, County Donegal. Located at scenic St John’s Point, visitors are invited to the workshop to browse the handmade collection which includes scarves, hats, waistcoats, bags and shawls. They may also have the opportunity to see Cyndi at work producing these wonderful products with the opportunity to learn and ask her questions.

Cyndi’s Opening Times

April to September – Monday to Saturday

June, July & August – Monday to Sunday 

When staying with us, make sure to ask at the hotels front desk for your “discount voucher” to present at Cyndi’s work studio and take a little piece of St. John’s Point back home with you.

Cyndi Graham, St John’s Point, Dunkineely, Donegal, Republic of Ireland  Tel:+353 86 4019307,